The vision of Homelessness SA to raise awareness of the issues and impact of the homelessness or South Australians who are at risk of Homelessness to the South Australian community, non-government, state and federal government sectors.

• Highlighting individual strengths of those who find themselves homeless
• Promoting a society where all people are valued and included
• Encouraging active participation, cooperation and innovation
• Identifying and striving to address the conditions that create homelessness

The mission of Homelessness SA is to undertake information gathering and sharing, advocacy, networking and community education on homelessness in South Australia through community engagement.

Homelessness SA will exhibit and reinforce the following values in all its dealings:

• Respect
• Safety
• Self-determination and empowerment
• Confidentiality
• Equality
• Participation
• Innovation

• Making Partnership and collaboration
• Policy development and advocacy
• Organizational development
• Member services and support
• Information and communications
• Resource development